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Five Litre Semi-transparent Plastic Rigid Enema Kit with Tubing


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Five Litre Semi-transparent Plastic Rigid Enema Kit with Tubing Summary

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Five Litre White Plastic Rigid Enema Kit with Tubing for Extended Deep Enema


This enema kit is assembled in by Aqua-Clinic  in the UK and includes everything necessary for giving oneself a home enema: 

The kit contains the following:  

- a food quality 5L enema container (full capacity 6.7 L, usable capacity 5L); 

- a tap assembly (additional are available to purchase for other family members) with 30 cm of silicon tubing and a mini-clip for easy flow management; 

- an enema tip (additional tips available as above)

- a douche tip (additional tips available as above);

- 1.2 m enema tubing (additional tubing available as above);

- a starter small pot of lubricant; 

 - a non-slip pad for the enema container; 

- a plastic container for storage of the small parts and for cleaning them after use.

You can purchase spare tubing and nozzles here

The enema itself is a 6.7L food quality plastic white enema bucket with a maximum 5L useful capacity which can stand on a shelf or a table. The non-slip mat for the container is supplied with your set.

The container has an on/off tap. The 1.2 m enema tubing will be attached during the procedure at the front of the container close to the bottom. The tap of the container must be in the "off" position while the user is filling it with water, and in  the "on" position during use, allowing the flow of water into the nozzle.
The kit comes with two nozzles: the shorter one is for the enema procedure; the longer one is for the douche procedure. The kit and the nozzles must be cleaned and dried after each use. It is a personal care item that cannot be shared with others. It is economic and easy to use and clean. It is primarily a personal care device.

The detailed instructions are included. 

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