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SMALL WHOLESALE - 4 x 30m Aqua-Clinic Universal Disposable Waste


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SMALL WHOLESALE - 4 x 30m Aqua-Clinic Universal Disposable Waste Summary

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SMALL WHOLESALE - 4 X universal disposable Aqua-Clinic 30 m Outlet/Waste Tubing Rolls 

Universal disposable waste tubing, 3 x 30m rolls

This waste line which is manufactured in Canada is universally regarded is the most translucent and the easiest one to work with of all corrugated waste lines on the market.

The tubing comes in a handy dispenser box (shown in the pictures) for easy storage. 

It is soft, so it can be easily scrunched or clamped; very light, allowing free movement when turning the client, and very clear, allowing to view the wastes.

Buy single rolls here

This tubing roll is ideal for treatment rooms where equipment is placed further or closer to the bed as it allows you to cut your tubing to the required size. The cuffs on this tubing are located in the same position as our pre-cut standard waste lines. 

Also available in pre-cut lengths. It can be purchased in single lengths or in packs of 50 and 100 cut lengths, as well as in disposable treatment kits that you can buy in this store.
If you use forceps for restraining the flow of water, the ones to use are the stainless steel loop forceps that we sell in this store.

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