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Aqua-Clinic Speculum

Originally developed for clinical gastroenterology applications, the Aqua-Clinic Hydrocare speculum has been found in independent research to be the safest and the most effective speculum from the point of view of adaptation to the anatomy any physiology of the rectum and the anus and facilitation of removal of the faecal matter.


Why does colonic supplies Speculum work so well?

In the old days, therapists used a metal speculum and a metal obturator that were non-disposable and needed to be sterilised after every treatment. Now all health and safety conscious therapists use disposable speculums that are discarded after every treatment. So what should one expect from a good speculum?

Here is a guide to Colonic Supplies colon hydrotherapy speculum which is CE and FDA approved. In addition to being individually packed and made of high-quality non-toxic and non-irritant plastic material, Colonic Supplies speculums have the following unique features:

High Quality MouldA high-quality mould. The quality of the mould is crucially important. The obturator needs to fit snugly into the speculum, but must be easily removable without applying virtually any effort. Our mould was designed by Steve and Galina Imrie and developed by Steve Roumeliotis of SPR Designs, a Canadian company that specialises in designing medical equipment.

Smooth EndA smooth border between the speculum and the obturator. There’s nothing worse than feeling the pinch! That is why when developing our speculum we made sure that the border between the speculum and the obturator is as smooth and friction-free as possible. This is why our speculums are very easy to insert and to self-insert.

Protective flangeThe protective flange. The flange located at 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) from the top of the speculum protects the client from the dangers of over-insertion. The length of 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) is safe and suitable for virtually any client.

Moulded TipThe moulded tip.
The tip of the speculum is softly moulded to ensure a snug fit to the sphincter muscle and an even distribution of pressure against the muscle wall.

Ribbed EndThe long neck with a tapered ribbed end. 
Some other models of the speculum are let down by a short neck, making it extremely awkward to attach the tubes. Our speculum has a long neck, and a tapered ribbed (barbed) end that makes the attachment of any tubing very easy in all treatment situations.

V-shaped obturator handleV-shaped obturator handle. It’s so simple – why hasn’t anyone thought about it before? The finger sits firmly in the V-shape, ensuring that the speculum is under the therapist’s full control during the insertion.

Vital Statistics

  • Full length: 15 cm
  • Length to flange: 6.5 cm
  • The grip neck: 4.5 cm


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