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Inlet and waste kit


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Inlet and waste kit Summary

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Inlet and waste kit

The Aqua-Clinic Portable colon-hydrotherapy device can be used in several practices. Although you are using the same machine, you need a separate waste and hot and cold connectors in every venue. It is also recommended to have a separate set of hoses in every venue. This inlet and waste kit consists of a set of quick fix connectors for hot and cold water lines and a waste kit.

One inlet and waste kit is supplied with your device, however you can purchase additional kits for your additional or future installations. The kit includes one waste unit, a set of hot and cold reinforced braided hoses and a set of quick-fix connectors.

Quick Fit Connectors: 
The quick-fix connectors are designed to be used with the hot and cold braded hoses (red and blue hoses) that we supply in our store. One set of quick-fix connectors gets supplied with your device, and you can purchase additional waste traps for your additional venues.

Set of Hoses: A set of hot (marked RED) and cold (marked BLUE) hoses. Each hose is 1.5 m long and is made of reinforced braided PVC material for increased pressure handling.

Waste Unit: The waste trap contains two outlets: one, with a narrow opening, for running the clean water for pre-heating your device, and the other one, with a wider opening, for the waste, as well as a 40mm trap. It is designed to be connected to the waste system in your therapy room. One waste trap gets supplied with your device, and you can purchase additional waste traps for your additional venues.

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