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BB100 - 100 Treatment bulk pack with QMS Smooth Tip UNFLANGED speculum


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BB100 - 100 Treatment bulk pack with QMS Smooth Tip UNFLANGED speculum Summary

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100 Treatment bulk pack with QMS Smooth Tip UNFLANGED speculum

  Each 100 Treatment bulk pack with QMS Smooth Tip unflanged speculum comprises 100 individually packed unflanged specula, 100 clear 48' water lines and 100 transparent 48' corrugated waste lines with cuffs every 6 '. This is a universal pack suitable for any colon hydrotherapy device. The waste line is very soft and transparent and extremely easy to work with. Details of wastes are clearly seen. Ideally suitable for both scrunching and clamping with free-flowing waste or use with machines.

Each QMS Smooth Tip speculum is individually packed inside the kit. Suitable for Aqua-Clinic, Dotolo, Legato, Transcom, Colonet, Hydrosun and all other devices.

•Smooth Transition for Comfortable Insertion
•Tapered Speculum Tube for Gentle Retraction
•Non-Slip Waste Hose Grips
•Elongated Shaft for Easy Attachment
•Compatible with All Closed System Instruments
•Meets Strict Quality Standards
•Made in the USA
We also stock  bulk packs with unflanged medium to large specula, Aqua-Clinic Hydrocare, manufactured in Canada. More information about bulk pack with flanged specula here.  If you require a kit for Wood's Gravity, you can also purchase it on this website. See more information about disposable colonic irrigation gravity kits here.


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