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100 Gloves, Blue Nitrile - non-powdered, size M


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100 Gloves, Blue Nitrile - non-powdered, size M Summary

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Colon hydrotherapists have to use gloves throughout the colonic irrigation treatment. Wearing disposable gloves is necessary for the hygiene and safety of both the therapist and the client. Therefore, choosing the right gloves, that are comfortable, fit well and do not irritate the skin is one of the most important decisions that each colon therapist has to make

100 Gloves, nitrile, non-powdered, size M - blue nitrile disposable gloves, non-powdered, ideal for therapists with sensitive skin or for doing treatments back-to-back

For therapists who wish to offer their hands extra protection, we provide high-quality nitrile gloves, which are known to be suitable for sensitive skin and are designed to feel like "second skin". Our two most popular types of gloves are: vinyl (usually transparent) and latex (usually opaque).

One Colon Hydrotherapy Trainer explains the importance of using the right gloves in colonic irrigation treatments.

As a therapist myself, I double-glove at the start of the treatment so once I have done the insertion I dont need to let go of the speculum in order to change gloves. I remove the top glove and throw it away, and keep the second set of gloves on my hand throughout the treatment.

Since I became a colon hydrotherapy practitioner in 2003, I have used various types of gloves and have had a different experience with every type. Now, having tried all different styles, I select my gloves depending on the weather.

In cold weather, I use nitrile non-powdered blue gloves (shown  above) as my main pair, and latex lightly-powdered gloves for double-gloving. My hands feel warm, and nitrile does hug the skin and is worth a couple of extra pennies per box. In warm weather, I use vinyl blue lightly powdered gloves as my first pair, and double-glove for insertion using latex lightly powdered gloves. When we opened the school and started training future colon hydrotherapists, I noticed that a lot of students preferred vinyl transparent, non-powdered gloves.


In our shop, you can buy one of each box of 100, and then see what works best for you. We stock size M, but if you need a different size please call us and well order them especially for you. A minimum order value may apply in these instances. Please note that brands and packaging may vary.


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