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Facial Reading at a Glance Chart - A4 & A3 Sizes

Facial Reading at a Glance*

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Facial Reading at a Glance Chart - A4 & A3 Sizes Summary

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"Facial Diagnosis" - Understanding your body by looking at your face! 

"According to Chinese physiognomy, each are of the face corresponds to a particular organ, so a disharmony in that organ affects the complexion, texture, or moisture of the corresponding facial area."
Ted J. Kaptchuck, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, says this in his classic work "The Web that Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine"

This laminated poster is specifically designed for people who wish to understand their physiology and signs of health and disease by looking at their face. 

You will find from this poster: 
- what facial areas correspond to organs of the body
- what areas of your tongue correspond to certain areas of your body
- how to understand colours on your face and their significance for health
- what parts of the face reflect certain functions of the body 

The A4 size is double sided and is a sturdy laminated laminated chart that can be used as a guide. It is minor spillage-proof and can be easily wiped. 

The A3 size poster is single-sided and laminated. 



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