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Therapist Education - FULL SET of Laminated A4 Charts


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Therapist Education - FULL SET of Laminated A4 Charts Summary

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A brilliant selection of educational laminated charts to display in your reception area or treatment room - this is the full set of all the laminated charts available. 

Each month we release a new "Therapist Education" Laminated Chart featuring information about various topics related to colon hydrotherapy - they've proved to be increasingly popular with our customers and now if you want to buy the full set, you can get it here! 

Currently the full set includes 41 laminated educational charts, each covering a different health/digestion related topic. 


The Therapist Educational laminates are also available to buy individually for £4.99 per laminate. Please email us the titles and we will organise your purchase. 

The full set of laminates includes: 

Cleansing with Enemas - A Step by Step Guide

Handwashing - Your Body's First Line of Defence
A Crash Course in Faecal Transplats
From Faeces to Faces - The F-Diagram
Close the Lid when you Flush
An Interview with Mr Poop
Dry Skin Brushing 
Chest Pains & the Digestive System
Prevent Periodontitis, Look After Your Gums
Benefits of Fermented Foods
The Great Secrets of Life, According to George Cheyne
Christmas Dinners around the World
The Bristol Stool Form Scale
Turbocharge your digestion with Super-Juices
The Superfoods Primer
Take it with a Pinch of Salt! 
How Stressed Are You Really? 
Seven Amazing Benefits of Sleep
Foods That Help You Live Longer & Healthier Life
Coconut Oil at a Glance
Our BFF - the Good Bacteria
The Health Benefits of Chocolate
A Weird and Wonderful Christmas
Your Colourful Diet
Making Sense of IBS
The Human Body Clock
The Gut Feeling
The Power of Cold Water
Chakras at a Glance  
Support your Wellbeing with Essential Oils & Affirmations
Make Your Water More Interesting
Winter Warmer Lunch Boxes
Stretch Up From Your Desk 
What do your eyes reveal about you? 
The Four Temperaments
Hand and Foot Reflexology for Self-Help
How to Reduce the Effects of EMF 
Improve Your Eyesight Naturally 
Destructive Effects of Negative Emotions 
12 Laws of Karma
Natural Remedies for Pets
Large Bowel (Colon) Reflex Points

Create a handy folder with all your laminated charts for your clients to read through, or display them in your reception area! They make great reading! 

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