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GOWNS: 50 Disposable Blue Gowns, Long-sleeve


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GOWNS: 50 Disposable Blue Gowns, Long-sleeve Summary

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50 Disposable Blue Gowns - LONG SLEEVED 

The long-sleeved gowns are of light weight. The sleeves are cuffed.

Most people find the gowns very comfortable and affording them more privacy. The gowns are blue, long and wide. They help the clients feel protected and relaxed. They are one size, and wide enough, so can be comfortably used on top of the client's own clothes.

Each gown is individually packed in a plastic bag for hygiene.

We also sell short sleeved gowns.

One of the questions that we are often asked is: 

Why do you promote fully disposable equipment for clients' colon hydrotherapy treatments? Surely a towel can be used instead of the robes!

The reason why we do this is because we strongly believe that with modern medicine, superbugs, HIV and AIDS, MRSA and so on it is mega-important to take steps to protect the patients from them as much as we can. These unwelcome guests can be transferred through touch, or by sharing personal hygiene items, such as towels, blankets and so on. 

On the face of it, the robe adds around £1.00 to the cost of the treatment. However, if the therapist uses towels instead, and changes them after every client (as one should) then, in addition to the original price of the towel, washing powder, electricity, tumble-dryer, wear and tear on washing equipment or commercial launderettes all add up, and the price per use may even be higher.

Add to this the environmental price of disposal of chemicals into the water, water treatment and so on, and it becomes obvious that disposable robes are both an economical and ecologically less damaging way of complying with the requirements of client hygiene.  

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