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One Minute Stool-O-Meter A4 & A3 Laminated

Poster BSS and 1MSM*

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One Minute Stool-O-Meter A4 & A3 Laminated Summary

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The One-Minute-Stool-O-Meter in A4 (Laminated); A3 (Laminated) sizes. A humorous way to get the patients to pay more attention to healthy and unhealthy stools.

If you, like most people, have ever wondered whether your digestive system is up to the par, wonder no further: the new, unique One-Minute Stool-O-Meter self-help test will help you find this out, in, well… less than a minute.

This home test (which is not substitute for medical advice, by the way) contains essential information on the quality, quantity, frequency and pleasantness of your bowel movements. With the added humour of Roy Nixons unique cartoons, this poster can be a great source of wisdom, education and entertainment for the whole family, from grandparents to toddlers. And whats more, it can be used again, and again, and again.

Also, if you ever wondered what present you can give to a person who has got everything, look no further. Its a thought that counts!

It is a perfect companion to "Always Look After Number Two! Discover the Secrets of Colonic Irrigation, Perfect Bowel Movements and Digestive Health", by Galina Imrie, also illustrated by Roy Nixon. It is a self-help book, which focuses on health, beauty and personal development by making sure that your body s elimination system is doing its job right.

The One-Minute-Stool-O-Meter poster comes in three different sizes.

The A4 size (Small) is suitable for using as a personal study aid.
The A3 size (Medium) will suit a toilet cubicle or a small therapy room.


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