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Forceps, 10', stainless steel, surgical


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Forceps, 10', stainless steel, surgical Summary

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Forceps, 10', stainless steel, surgical

These are the strongest forceps we have found; they work well with any waste line, from the lightest to the heaviest. They are made of stainless steel, conveniently self-locking and can be used for a long time with virtually no finger fatigue. They can also be left unlocked on the tube, for a hands-free operation. Steriliser-friendly and extremely durable. CE marker for medical use.

Irrespective of the colon-hydrotherapy  device that you use, you will probably find, these forceps to be a very helpful tool for doing short or partial fills, longfills and in general any form of fills. They are suitable for doing enemas and implants as well.

Generally there are several ways of restricting water flow. If you have a device such as DOTOLO or Transcom where the waste goes back into the machine, you would probably most often use the waste restrction flow knob on the machine itself. If you want to try and use the forceps you can combinethe knob and the forceps depending on the requirements of the treatment.

For example, if you wish to continue massaging the client the forceps will allow you to stay close to the client rather than turning away to use the machine.

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